How long does therapy take?

That is a very difficult question and one that does not have a clear answer.  The process is independent and based on many factors.  Please address that with your individual therapist and work together to create a treatment plan that will work for both of you.

How do I know which type of therapy will work best for me?

That is a decision you will make along with your therapist.  After meeting once or twice you will develop a treatment plan; which you will work on together and will have goals for therapy as well as what types of therapy you will use to reach those goals.

How do I know if therapy is working? 

That also a very individual answer.  It typically does not happen overnight;  rather it is a gradual increase in energy or decrease in anxiety or depressive symptoms.  Often those around us may notice before we do causing some introspection.

How do I make an appointment? 

There is a link on the website or you can call 720-949-1707.  Each therapist also has a link and phone number on the provider page under their individual name.

How long are sessions? 

50 minutes

Why 50 minutes?

Therapists  schedule appointments back to back so 50 minute sessions are standard to allow therapists time to return phone calls or complete paperwork.

If I am in crisis what should I do?  

You can call the Colorado Crisis Line at 1-844-493-8255 or 911.  You could also go to the nearest Emergency Room.  Should you call your therapist you would probably leave a message and while your therapist will call you back it may not be immediate.


What is your intake process?

Following receiving an email or phone call your message will be forwarded to a therapist with an opening and the best fit for your needs you will receive a call or email and should you make the decision that the fit feels appropriate then a first appointment will be scheduled. There is intake paperwork that can be emailed to you or you can arrive for your first appointment early and fill it out in our lobby.

Please remember…

Therapy is a very individual process and should not be compared to anyone else’s progress or issues.  Please do not compare your feelings to anyone else’s and should you feel that talking to someone could help you please reach out.  Here at Reflective Wellness we are good at what we do and that is making our clients feel comfortable and safe.