Frank Mann
Licensed Addictions Counselor

I hold a BS in Business and a BA in Psychology from CU Boulder. I followed the Business direction for over 20 years which helped me learn a great deal about people in general.

I've worked crisis intervention and community mental health. I returned to school in 2004 and earned a Masters in Community Counseling. I have over 15 years practice in the field and have extensive training and experience in working with trauma and abuse survivors as well as depression, anxiety, and a variety of other concerns that might be interfering in your life. I truly like what I do, and find it very rewarding when we can come up with effective coping strategies to help manage the issues you may be facing.

I I'm a Licensed Addictions Counselor(Colorado License #217) in addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado License # 4988). I served as the only Approved Treatment Provider for Colorado Department of Corrections at Mental Health Center of Denver during my 14+ year tenure there. I've provided clinical supervision for licensure candidates as well as taught a college level course in crisis intervention.

I draw from a variety of Cognitive Behavioral practices and like to engage in a dialogue with my clients rather than engage in a specific treatment method. We'll build off the strengths you already have - and yes, you do have some. I work very hard to make a space that feels safe and comfortable so we can talk about things that don't always seem safe and comfortable. Effective therapy isn't usually easy, so I do my best to make sure that there are good self-care practices in place while we're working together.

It takes a great deal of insight to recognize you could maybe benefit from some help, and even more courage to make that phone call and start the journey.