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Mindful Movements

Mindful Movements

Here at Reflective Psychotherapy Mind & Body, we offer a couple of different approaches to the traditional practice of Yoga, which are all based out of the specific practice of Hatha (Static) and Vinyasa (Sequenced) Yoga. Our first is called “Mindfulness Movement”. In this class our aim is mainly physical, sequencing together a series of postures while cultivating connection to the body through the breath. We will warm up specific muscle groups in order to properly prepare the body to consciously work our muscles to their ‘Full Range of Motion’ all while smoothing out any imperfections or trauma in the process. Ending off in a series of – cooling down postures, this class will take the necessary steps to reach a healthy and stable mediation practice.

Our second class we offer is called “Foundations of Yoga”. This hour long class will primarily be focused on the entirety of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We explore the realms of a more subtle-based practice. Beginning with a “Dharma” talk in the start of class to get a better understanding of what Yoga truly is. We then move into the actual practice itself, which involves forms of seated meditation, breathing exercises, and some mantra – all while continuously exploring the physical frame of the body through postures or Asana. This class ends with a 5-10 minute guided meditation to allow the student space for themselves to ‘Reflect’ and dive deeper into the realms of our true nature of being.

Ultimately, our aim is to create an environment suitable for mediation and contemplation. We learn how to tap into the intelligence of the body to heal the traumas of the mind – And vice versa. We are intelligent, organic, and powerful beings. Let’s take our time walking each other home.


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