Amy Schaet

Amy Schaet

Hi! I’m Amy Schaet, a licensed clinical therapist. I am a play enthusiast, passionate parent coach, and a relationship skills teacher. I have a very laid back style and approach to our work together, so feel free to come as you are, kick off your shoes, and unload!

  • As a PLAY ENTHUSIAST I thoroughly enjoy working with children under the age of 10! I have advanced training in early childhood mental health that focuses on the social and emotional development of the 0-5 age group. Play is the language of children and can be used to help children build confidence and self-control, express their feelings, problem solve. Play therapy is an excellent choice for children that have experience abuse, neglect, or other attachment wounds.
  • As a PARENTING COACH it is my goal to help you use your family’s strengths to have a calmer and more enjoyable household. I will teach you skills and strategies to solve the unique challenges you are experiencing in your home setting. Do your children struggle with ADHD, or just feel like your kid is absolutely WILD…those are some of my favorite children! I’ll help you manage some of the difficult behaviors AND build a better relationship with your child.
  • Lastly, as a RELATIONSHIP SKILLS TEACHER I help clients figure out the difficult nuances of communication within their relationships. I have experience and training working with traditional and non-traditional relationships. I can help you learn how to communicate your feelings and needs, negotiate your wants and desires, and have a healthy relationship not only with your partner(s), but also with yourself.

MORE ABOUT ME: I am a Florida native that joined the droves of millennial transplants in Denver Colorado due to a love of the outdoors and a spirit for adventure. I graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I have spent the subsequent years working with children/families and people in crisis in several different counseling positions. I have learned to thrive in spite of my own ADHD diagnosis and difficulties in childhood…it’s provided me experience and passion to be able to relate to kids in a very unique and meaningful way.

13731 E. Rice Place Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80015
(720) 949-1707

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