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Barbara Dillard-Simms, MS, LPC

Barbara Dillard-Simms, MS, LPC

Hello!  My name is Barbara Simms, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Reflective Wellness Mind and Body.  Most people just call me Barb.  I have two cats who like to hang around when I am talking to you.  They are named Elsa and Juno.  My focus is assisting adolescents and adults who are struggling with low self-esteem and communication problems with spouses, partners, and parents.  Healthy relationships begin with good boundaries and learning what your responsibilities are with each association you have.

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As a self-esteem enhancer I am committed to teaching you the skills you need to feel confident about yourself.  I value each person and will assist you with coping procedures to achieve your goals.  Everyone has strengths and during our sessions you will be encouraged to access the personal resources you are gifted with in your life.  We will join forces to help you overcome obstacles.  You are unique and we can explore what works best for you.

As an emotional support I am available to provide a confidential place for you to transform, vent your frustrations and share your story.  We will explore ways to change automatic thoughts leading to depression or anxiety.  We will explore your thoughts, emotional issues, and behaviors to change your self-talk and identify strategies to manage nagging feelings and lead you to a more satisfying life.  I can help you with a warm, calm and nonjudging space.  We will find all your positive qualities and use them to grab what you need to be the best person you can be.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family and friends.  I was born in Texas, but I have lived in the mountain enhanced state of Wyoming with beautiful National Parks.  I also love Colorado and I enjoy the lovely views I have from my house here in this exciting state.  We love to go camping in our vacation trailer.  I spend time learning about new ways to help my clients.  I love books and have a library of books I have read.

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