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Frank Mann, LPC, LAC

Frank Mann, LPC, LAC

Info about me:

Hi!  I’m Frank Mann, Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addictions Counselor.  I earned a BS in Business and a BA in Psychology.  I returned to school in 2004 and earned a Masters in Community Counseling.  I had followed the Business direction for over 20 years before working crisis intervention and community mental health.  I now have over 15 years practice in the field and have extensive training and experience in working with trauma and abuse survivors as well as depression, anxiety, and a variety of other concerns that might be interfering in your life.

TRAUMA – Many times clients have a history of trauma and abuse that hasn’t been recognized.  Many times their experiences were seen as “normal”.  There are many collateral effects to having a history like that that can include substance use, trust / relationship difficulties, anger management, and a variety of other behaviors that may be causing some difficulties.  If we can address the past, we can build for a better future.

DEPRESSION – It is very common to have our “ups and downs”.  However, when the “downs” begin impacting our ability to manage work, home, and other activities it might be time to address it.  There are a variety of strategies we can use to try to help you feel better.

ANXIETY – We all have situations that have us getting out of our “comfort zone”.  However this can also be crippling for some.  We can look at some grounding exercises, changing self talk messages, looking at triggers and developing other coping mechanisms.

SUBSTANCE USE – or any “self soothing” behavior that includes substances, gambling, binge eating, and other behaviors.  Many times this is a way to “self medicate” to try to “feel better” Generally we’re usually trying to turn on a positive (I like the feeling, or this is a social time) or more often turn off a negative (I don’t want to feel this way).  It’s really difficult to manage this alone, and I have a great deal of experience with helping work through these issues.

How I Help:

I truly like what I do, and find it very rewarding when we can come up with effective coping strategies to help manage the issues you may be facing.  I draw from a variety of Cognitive Behavioral practices that include Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Addictions Treatment, Trauma Recovery and Empowerment, Choice Theory, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory as well as some familiarity with Dialectical Behavioral Theory principles. I like working with adults and prefer to enter into a dialogue with my clients rather than engage in a specific treatment method.  I’m a Licensed Addictions Counselor (Colorado License #217) in addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado License # 4988). I served as the only Approved Treatment Provider for Colorado Department of Corrections at Mental Health Center of Denver during my 14+ year tenure there.   I’ve provided clinical supervision for licensure candidates as well as taught a college level course in crisis intervention.  We’ll build off the strengths you already have – and yes, you do have some.  I work very hard to make a space that feels safe and comfortable so we can talk about things that don’t always seem safe and comfortable.   Effective therapy isn’t usually easy, so I do my best to make sure that there are good self-care practices in place while we’re working together.  It takes a great deal of insight to recognize you could maybe benefit from some help, and even more courage to make that phone call and start the journey.

More About Me:

When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me playing guitar, connecting with friends and hanging out with my wife and kids.  I also really like to cook.

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