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Marie Reed MA LPC

Marie Reed MA LPC

Hi, My Name is Marie Reed. I go by Marie. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Reflective Wellness Mind & Body. My focus is helping young adults and adults who have been struggling with distressing emotions with themselves and others, or having a difficult time coping with phase of life change, and/or need help resolving general stress/anxiety or depression.

Info About Modalities

As a Feelings Balancer, I am here to help guide you through those traumatic and hurtful feelings. We will find a more calming relaxed and skillful way of managing those emotions. That is whether you are struggling within yourself or about others. We will navigate through those emotions and look for healthier outcomes.

As a Life Coach, I will help you come up with new ideas to live a more guided and balanced lifestyle. We will explore existing and prior lifestyle habits and come up with happier, more purposeful ones. We will do this by sensibly brainstorming self-care and coping skills.

As a Stress Manager, I will help you explore skills that will help you become more comfortable in your environment. This is whether with yourself, social, work, or general environment. We will look at skills building and that every individual is different and needs different tools to function in the world.

How I Can Help

I provide a smoothening, client-centered environment. I base my session on each client’s needs. I listen to the client and where they are and pace myself at the level to benefit them. I understand that client’s need to learn new behaviors, ideas, and skills to help them learn to cope.

More About Me

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, children, grandchildren, and mother. I also watch my favorite TV shows. Otherwise, I go for walks.

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