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Danielle Vicaro, LPCC

Danielle Vicaro, LPCC

Hello, I am Danielle Vicaro and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate.

I primarily work with children, teens, and young adults but do not limit myself to only these populations. My passion is helping those who are working through various types of grief or trauma. I am also ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) certified and work with children who are on the autism spectrum.

  • As a BEHAVIORAL ANALIST I utilize a skillset to work with clients whom are looking for a positive change in their behaviors. This type of work can help my clients develop new skills, refine previously learned skills, and decrease social problem behaviors. This type of therapy is highly effective when working with clients who are on the autism spectrum.
  • As a TRAUMA INFORMED therapist, I help clients who have been through significant negative events in life. It is impossible to go back and change what has already happened and dealing with certain traumatic events could have a significant negative impact on life. I come in to help you work through what has happened in a safe manner.
  • Utilizing DIALETICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY is one of my favorite treatment modalities and one that I try to use often. The skills learned in this type of therapy (mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation) are ones that are extremely important in everyone’s lives. I especially enjoy using this modality with my teenage clients who might be struggling to find themselves in this life.

MORE ABOUT ME: I am a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology graduate (2014) from the University of Colorado, Denver as well as a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health graduate (2019) from Adam’s State University. I have spent several years working in a residential therapeutic setting with children who have severe trauma, abuse, and neglect backgrounds. This type of work drew me straight towards my continuing work with children and teens to help them live their best lives. When I am not working you can find me curled up on the couch watching a movie. I also enjoy being outside (especially in the Colorado sun!) and spending quality time with my friends. Self-care is an extremely part of life and I am always on the hunt for new ideas that help me to feel centered.

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