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Anthea Stobie, M.A., R-DMT, LPCC

Hello and welcome, we're happy you made it here! My name is Anthea Stobie, I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist. I approach my work with clients through a somatic lens, by viewing the body as the most powerful access point to our mental and emotional states. By utilizing breathwork, sensory awareness, guided imagery, and other mindfulness techniques, I aim to help my clients cultivate a stronger mind-body connection, to ultimately gain a new sense of ownership over their emotions and identities. In working from a client-centered approach, I believe each client already holds the answers they're searching for, I am only here to help them be found. I work primarily with teenaged and adult female-identifying clients, with experience in the areas of sexual assault, codependency, substance-abuse recovery, anxiety, and grief.

Primary Therapeutic Modalities I Use

Somatic Psychotherapy

A form of body-centered therapy that looks at the connection of mind and body for holistic healing. Somatic Psychotherapists believe that thoughts, emotions, and sensations are all interconnected and influence one another reciprocally, though not always in apparent ways. Mindfulness is used in these therapy sessions to engage body-awareness for deeper understanding and self-regulating abilities.

Client-Centered Therapy

Based on the idea that every person is unique and, therefore, everyone’s view of his or her own world, and their ability to manage it, should be trusted, client-centered therapy is intended to be a comfortable and non-judgmental environment for the client’s process of self-discovery. The client-centered therapist encourages and supports the client from a place of unconditional positive regard, empathetic understanding, and genuineness.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

The “dialectic” in Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an acknowledgment that real life is complex, and health is not a static thing but an ongoing process that is continually aimed at balancing opposing forces and investigating the truth of powerful negative emotions. DBT comes with a specific set of tools/skills in the areas of Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance. DBT therapists incorporate many of the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), by helping patients recognize and challenge the varieties of distorted thinking that underlie negative feelings and prompt unproductive behavior.

Transpersonal Therapy

Based on the idea that humans are more than just their mind and body, transpersonal therapy places focus on a broader conception of how a person achieves meaning, purpose, and happiness. Transpersonal therapists address the client’s mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy spirit in healing. Spirituality is a large component of transpersonal therapy, which includes any and all higher power beliefs.

More About Me

Half of my heart remains on the California coast, where I’m originally from, but the mountains have been a nurturing home for my evolution since I moved here in 2015. I love being outside as much as possible and feel completely emotionally connected with the changing seasons. Outside of work, my life revolves around dance, spirituality, music, books, art, and my 2 fur children.