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Wendy Henderson-Bullock Clinical Supervisor, MA, RDMT, LPC

I am a licensed counselor, somatic psychotherapist, who is trained in dance/movement therapy, neurofeedback, and offense specific therapy.  My commitment to the mind/body connection has spanned over 25 years. At Reflective Wellness Mind and Body, I use a variety of modalities to help my clients explore and create their own paths to positive change.  I frequently work with children, teens and young adults to process the challenges and traumas they experienced and work toward finding balance and a reconnection to relationships, and a productive daily life.

One of my favorite quotes is from Joan Halifax “change is inevitable, Growth is optional”.  I have a passion for working with my clients to turn the “change” we experience due to trauma, attachment disruption and other life situations into the “growth” opportunities they deserve.  I use humor and a person center approach, in a safe non-judgmental environment to help my clients discover their potential and reach their personal goals.   Through the use of a mind-body connection and emotional regulation we can incorporate past experiences into our personal stories to heal from within.  By using coping skills and techniques to manage symptoms and through processing our experiences, we can move forward.

In my personal life, I have a real passion for performing/and creative arts in the community and how it impacts our community resilience.  I am active in two community boards and support community mindedness.  I love spending time with my family and the circle of friends I call “My Tribe”.